Anya Sarre - Bellacures

Anya Sarre

Occupation: TV Fashion Stylist

Anya Sarre is a celebrity stylist, that dresses talent for red carpet events such as the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Emmys, and Grammys. Anya has been featured on Television shows including Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Extra, The Rachael Ray Show, and the STYLE network. She has been featured and profiled in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, LA Confidential, Life and Style, the Wall Street Journal to name a few. She is also a regular contributor to OK! Magazine, US Weekly, amongst others. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and baby.

Do you have a manicurist that you always go to?

Tai in Santa Monica. He is everything. Johnny for massage in Santa Monica. That is the dream team.

Your go-to outfit for a mani is…

Black Coobie Bra with lace trim, Wildfox tank top, AYR Jeans (rolled for pedi) Oliver peoples sun glasses, Nuciano Aliyah Tote in Black, Skinny Handcuffs from Borgioni and Deepa Gurnani headband

What color nail polish would you wear on vacation to Paris?

Naughty Not Nice by Ella +Mila

Your hair guru is….

Brittany King. Whatever she says…I do!

Favorite hair style?

Down, slight wave, parted down middle

Best way to stay youthful looking?

Laugh, be grateful, and Gilded Cells under eye serum

Favorite fad workout (if any)?

Tracy Anderson Method

What is the last book you read?

Good Night, Good Night Construction Site (to my son)

Is there a hidden talent you wish you had?

Knowing how to clone myself

Anything else you want to share with us?

My Baby has been coming with me to Bellacures since he was an infant. Everyone knows him and he only lets the amazing technicians there cut his nails and toes. It is a special time when we can go together and get groomed and pampered.