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Brady Hahn

Occupation: Growth & Content Strategy Consultant + Founder, Insight Collective

Brady Hahn is a consultant and speaker focused on women, work and wellness. She advises companies with a desire to share meaningful learning content and has cultivated over 80 B2B partnerships and shaped over 200 activations at conferences, executive trainings, and across digital campaigns. In 2016, Brady formed the Insight Collective to connect curious, conscious female leaders to the ideas, people, and tools they need to better serve their communities. Offerings include wellness gatherings, personal/professional resources, and The Speaker List, connecting women from across the country to speaking opportunities. Brady’s writing can be seen on Firm of the Future, Escape The CityRYOTNewsEventbriteSocial Media Week. She has been featured on and in Porter Gale’s book “Your Network Is Your Net Worth”.

What is your key to feeling beautiful no matter how busy you are?

I feel the best when I have had a full night of sleep. When I get stressed, a full body massage is the best reset.

Do you have a go-to nail polish color?

Any shade of red

What is your ideal Saturday like?

I tend to do road trips on weekends. I love new adventures, but so appreciate a Saturday when I get to sleep in at home, make a big brunch, and just hang out in a shady yard with magazines and a big pot of tea.

Favorite blog(s) if any?

Career Contessa, Best Kept Self, and Fortune’s Kristin Bellstrom’s The Broadsheet daily newsletter

Beauty product(s) you cannot live without?

Coconut oil

Drugstore or department store beauty products?

I keep it so simple. I go to Sephora two/three times a year to get Bare Minerals powder, NARS liquid foundation, Orgasm blush, Laguna bronzer, fat lip pencil, two eye shadows (one cream, one brown), Stila liquid liner, and Make Up Forever mascara.

Who is your style icon?

Caroline de Maigret. She is strikingly feminine and her look is laid back but elegant – Madewell calls her style, “romantic tomboy.”

Your go-to outfit for weekend is…

Jeans and a white t-shirt. Unless I have a meeting for work, this is pretty much my uniform everyday.

Favorite item in your closet?

A jumpsuit from Splendid. I love that I can throw it on and go for work or weekends. I tend towards clothes that are simple in color, shape, and made from good fabric (100% cotton, linen, wool, etc). My mom taught me to, “always touch the fabric.” I pair pieces with a moto jacket or a simple accessory.

What is your favorite type of pie?

Key lime – extra tart!

What charity(ies) is closest to your heart?

I have a few. Top of mind are: Heifer International, CARE, and She’s The First.

Camping or glamping?

Glamping! I definitely want to take a road trip in a decked out surf van.

Mac or PC?

Mac. My first generation MacBook Air is the best computer I have ever owned.

Would you ever live abroad and where?

In a heartbeat. I would love to spend a year going around the world, living a few weeks/months in different places.