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Christy Baird

Occupation: Owner and Creative Director of LOHO Bride

Christy Baird is the owner and Creative Director of LOHO Bride, an artfully curated bridal boutique with locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The acronym stands for “League of her own,” and embraces the owner, Christy’s, taste and ideals in an immaculately crafted space. Beyond being just a shop, the brand’s specific niche is to offer an experience for women who don’t identify with the mainstream aesthetic, but who seek an organic, comfortable, and easy alternative to dress shopping for their big day.

What is the most important “job” in your life right now?

Making my brides happy during a seemingly stressful time.

What is your key to feeling beautiful no matter how busy you are?

Working out and eating clean can pretty much get me out of any funk or “feeling gross.”

Do you have a go-to nail polish color?

You Don’t Know Jacques by OPI. I’ve been wearing it for 5 years!

Do you ever get nail art?

I’ve gotten marble nail art done once and I loved it.

What is your go-to restaurant and/or bar in town?

I’m new to LA, but Laurel Hardware has been a go-to.

Favorite fad workout (if any)?

I’m a Soulcycle addict at the moment. It’s truly the one thing that can get me up early!

Beauty product(s) you cannot live without?

SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic and just about anything SkinCeuticals.

Favorite perfume?

Le Labo Bergamote 2

Favorite clothing designers?

Rachel Comey, Alexander Wang, The Row, Cortana, Balenciaga

Your go-to outfit for work is….

A loose maxi dress that isn’t constricting.

Favorite item in your closet?

Right now, it’s a Shaina Mote Jumper from Totokaelo. I have to restrict myself from wearing it too much.

Who is your WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)?

Rosa, the designer of Cortana.

Who has the best coffee in LA?

Blue Bottle

Camping or glamping?

Glamping all the way.

Mac or PC?


Do you have a nickname?

Kissy. Started when the little boy I nannied for couldn’t pronounce my name.

TV show you can binge watch.

Homeland. It put a stop to my life for a while.

Would you ever live abroad?

Yes, Paris!