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From the day Bellacures opened its doors in Beverly Hills in 2006, it has been heralded as the best nail salon in Los Angeles by LA Magazine, Time Out LA, and Refinery29 to name a few. Today, you can find Bellacures in over 50 major print and digital publications, including magazines like Allure, InStyle, and Vogue. In addition, Bellacures enjoys tremendous word-of-mouth marketing by its many longstanding and loyal customers.

We want Bellacures to remain a name no one will forget, which is why as a Bellacures salon owner, you will be responsible for making sure customers receive the quality service they know and love. We’ll do everything we can to support you as we continue on our quest to be the best in the industry!

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Industry Report

The current size of the U.S.Nail Salons market is $18.4 billion. The industry has grown on average 16% per year since 2012. Compared to 2016, 2017 revenues have grown 14%. Long term forecasts for the industry project positive growth, according to the “Anything Research Nail Salon Report”. This growth has been fueled by a nail centric fashion culture that has transformed women’s nails into a fashion accessory. Manicures are an affordable luxury that is fast becoming a routine necessity in women and men’s lives.

  • Longevity: 45% of manicurists have been doing nails for 12+ years and over 67% have been engaged in the activity for 5+ years*
  • Growth in sales: total sales for the nail care market in 2017 was $8.53 billion, up from $7.3 billion in 2012.*
  • Growth in licensed manicurists: there were approximately 439,751 manicurists in 2017, up from 357,265 in 2012.

*Nails Magazine Big Book Industry Statistics


Own a Bellacures


Opening a Nail Salon

Do it yourselfDo it with Bellacures <>

Startup plan: Develop a solid business plan, including marketing strategy, financial forecasts and budgets, operation systems, service offerings and products, competitive analysis, supply usage and management, inventory process, point of sales process, management and training, and pricing (to list the most basic categories).

Budget and Financing: Estimate what costs you will incur opening your salon and set a budget for each expenditure. Things to consider will be: how much operating cash you will need each month and when you will break even with your operating costs, as well as how much it will cost to open your salon doors. Will you obtain financing or will you finance it yourself?

Licensing and permits: Research what requirements are valid in your city and state for permitting and licensing.

Real estate site selection: Find a broker and research locations that you might want your salon to be in. Research what factors are important to you and to your business. Negotiate your lease contract and sign a lease on a space.

Business set up: Obtain counsel from your accountant and attorney on what items you need to fulfill to get your business entity set up.

Furniture, fixtures, & equipment: Research and develop a design for your salon. What fixtures and furniture will you place in the salon? What will be most efficient and create the atmosphere you are looking for at the same time? Source vendors where you will purchase your furniture and fixtures. Decide what equipment you will need to run the salon. Source vendors for equipment.

POS and technology systems: Research what systems will work for your operation and what you will need to get the best reporting, accuracy and functionality.

Interviewing, hiring and training:Determine the best channels for your recruiting process. What positions will you hire for and what characteristics are you looking for in each position? How will you train your staff and what steps will you use to manage and retain your new hires?

Customer Service:What will your customer service practices look like and how will customers be handled in each scenario

Day to day operational systems:Running your day-to-day operations can be overwhelming if you don’t have a system. Some things to consider to develop your own system will be: time management, opening and closing procedures, supply orders, supply par levels on hand, inventory management, organizing your business tasks, organizing administrative matters and bookkeeping.

Creative and design:The world is yours. You will have an opportunity to develop how you want your customer to feel when they walk into your salon. You can design the space, the interaction and be as creative as you would like in developing a look, feel and atmosphere. You will need to consider how the look and feel of the store translate to your marketing materials, graphic design, website, business cards, menus, marketing language, logo and maybe even mobile app. You have creative reign to start from scratch and develop each part.

Startup plan: We’ve figured it out for you! We will hand you the tools and systems you need to take action. This includes: local marketing activities, a build out plan for your location, vendors and supplies, inventory management, menu of services and marketing materials, customer acquisition, hiring and training staff, retaining staff, ongoing maintenance and growth for your key performance metrics (to cover the most basic categories).

Budget and Financing: We will give you a financial pro forma to work off and guide you through the process. All the budgets and expenses have a range of costs and we will help you understand how to keep your expenses down in the beginning. We will develop a break-even point and goal together and teach you how to reach your key performance metrics.

Licensing and permits: We will give you a list of licenses and permits you will be required to obtain in your area.

Real estate site selection: We will help guide you through this process, teaching you what factors you will need to consider and benchmark them against our existing salons. We love data, and will provide you with as much data about your location as possible. We will also approve your location before you are able to sign a lease contract.

Business set up: We will provide you with a list of what you need to do to get your business entity set up.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment: We will provide you with a list of everything you need, how many you need, and when you will need them. We can place the initial order for your furniture and fixtures for you as well.

POS and technology systems: We will provide you with a list of systems and set up the system for your location with your location’s data and information. We will train you on how to use the systems and give you best practices on staying on top of your reporting and cash flow.

Interviewing, hiring and training: We will provide you with all the information, techniques and best practices in the interview process, the recruitment process, training, retention and management. You will ultimately decide which management style you want to adapt and we will provide you with enough information for you to make an educated decision on your management practices.

Grand opening and ongoing marketing: We will develop a custom plan for your location on what the grand opening should look and feel like and what will have the most impact in the community. Our PR team will help your location gain momentum through editorial reviews and press coverage. We will outline best practices for your specific location on marketing to give you a variety of choices and ways to gain new customers on an ongoing basis.

Customer service: We will give you a guide on best practices in customer service and how each scenario should be handled. We will also be available on call to help you and your new staff with any needs around this issue until your entire team gets savvy at their customer service and management techniques.

Day to day operational systems: We will provide you with checklists for every part of your day, week, month and quarterly responsibilities. You will have clear direction on how to operate efficiently and manage your time well so that you remain ‘on’ your business and not ‘in’ your business. We will teach you how to be a salon operator and how to keep yourself and your team accountable.

Creative and design: We will provide you with templates on exactly what feelings and experience we want the customer to have. We will teach you how to think like our core customer and what needs to be done to accomplish customer loyalty. The Bellacures brand has a look, feel, design and all the marketing materials already established. Our graphic design team will help you come up with location specific marketing materials and all your location’s advertising and marketing materials will need approval before they go to print.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience in the nail salon business?

You will need a combination of skills and experience, but not necessarily in running a nail salon or in manicuring. An ideal franchisee will have previous management experience, business management skills, excellent people-skills and a passion for developing people and providing outstanding customer service.


Do I need to be a trained and licensed manicurist?

No. In fact, at Bellacures, we believe everyone should focus on their job roles in order to build a team that supports each other successfully. As a franchisee, you will focus on developing and managing your business, allowing your manicurists and customer service staff to deliver the best quality every day.


What can I expect to earn from my business?

Joining the Bellacures brand means you are being awarded with a proven concept and franchise support systems. Income from each Bellacures salon varies based on a variety of variables: efforts and passion of franchise owners, market size, demographics, real estate, competency, and external economic factors. We recognize that your success is the success of not only the brand, but of other franchisees in the system. We will work with you to help your salon reach its full potential.


How will I know if I am a good fit for the Bellacures franchise concept?

A great franchisee is a team player and is committed to grow not only their business, but to improve the franchise system overall. Franchisees who are able to implement improvements and develop their team will see fulfilling results. Bellacures believes that nothing is ever “done.” An exceptional franchisee is dedicated to improving and growing, while developing sales numbers and key metrics, monitoring customer service and quality control, and making necessary changes to keep up with the standard that you promise your customers.


Do you provide startup support and training for me and my staff?

Supporting you and your staff is our top priority at Bellacures. For as long as you operate your Bellacures franchise, you and your staff can expect training and continued support for you and your staff.


Do you offer help with salon design and construction?

Yes, the salon has a prototype model that you will use to do your build out and design. We will work with you to come up with the best play and layout for your specific floor plan. You will be guided through each step of the way.


How many hours will I work each week?

The number of hours you spend remotely managing your business versus in your store will affect the performance and the bottom line of your operation. The benefit of owning and operating a Bellacures is the flexibility you will have to create your own schedule while remaining effective and productive.

Are you ready to own a Bellacures?

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