Kendra Gratteri - Bellacures

Kendra Gratteri

Occupation: Chief Customer Officer at Avametric

Kendra Gratteri is the Chief Customer Officer at Avametric where she oversees Marketing, Business Development and Customer Relations. Prior to Avametric, she ventured into entrepreneurship with social commerce startup Beachmint. She joined as the Director of Merchandising and Design and guided the company  through the Conde Nast and Lucky Group merger.Kendra began her career in fashion with a self-designed handbag line while pursuing a PH.D in Social Statistics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her talent was recruited by Urban Outfitters as part of the buying group before launching her own Ready-to-wear label in Los Angeles. She then went on to join Forever 21 as the Creative Director where she launched Twelve x Twelve shop-in-shop concept and designer collaborations. Kendra has collaborated and designed fortop fashion brands including Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Kate Bosworth, Richard Chai, Rory Beca, Philip Crangi, Nordstrom, Lane Crawford and Bloomingdales. Kendra is an avid equestrian and shows on the USEF circuit.

What is your key to feeling beautiful no matter how busy you are?

A good blow out. Keeping my strands straight helps me fake my mind into thinking the rest of my life is as under control.

What is your greatest strength?

I have been told I am great under pressure. Apparently, I am #1 on several of my friends “first to call if arrested” list.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am sure I do, but they remain hidden, even to me.

What is your favorite Bellacures service?

The Soothe Your Soles Pedi is the ultimate recovery treatment for a long night in too-high heels.

Do you have a go-to nail polish color?

I am the ultimate loyalist when it comes to nail color. Like perfume, I believe in a signature color. I started wearing Chanel Vamp in high school and I still wear it today.

Favorite fad workout (if any)?

Cardio Barre has been a faithful go to for the last 3 years- I love feeling like I am back in ballet class without the pressure. And for a real core break-down, Megaform Pilates can bring you to the brink of tears. But, any and all of my workouts are training for my one true athletic love, horses.

What is the last book you read?

JD Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy. That and my Fiancee’s latest NYT Best Seller.

Favorite blog(s) if any?

Salon and Vox

Beauty product(s) you cannot live without?

Nars The Multiple Stick. As a make-up minimalist, it’s the Crazy Glue of make-up. It just fixes everything.

Best way to stay youthful looking?

Forget about age! Agelessness is an attitude, not a product.

Who is your style icon?

Right now, I am all about the pantsuit.

Favorite clothing designers?

Acne can do no wrong and Regulation by Yohji Yamamoto keeps my avant-garde alter-ego happy

Favorite item in your closet?

Vintage Chanel Bum Bag- I really want the elevated fanny-pack to be back for good.

Who is your WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday)?

Samira Far. Every Wednesday.

What charity(ies) is closest to your heart? A small little 501.3C that my fiancee and I have that builds water tanks and hydration systems in remote Indonesia.

Best name for a pet?

Brazos. But only if you consider a 2000lb, 18 hand horse a pet.

Mac or PC?

Both! Mac for email, PC for creative work.

Could you ever go vegan?

Yes. But, I would still wear leather shoes.

TV show you can binge watch.

Sons of Anarchy was an addiction for several months.

Would you ever live abroad?


Who do you admire most?

Every environmental soldier standing peacefully vigilant against DAPL pipeline construction at Standing Rock.