Lauren Morgan Roscopf - Bellacures

Lauren Morgan Roscopf

Occupation: Lifestyle and Fashion Blogger

Lauren is an early-thirty-something year old based in Dallas, Texas. By day, she works in the Special Education department of a school district doing psychological testing for children with special needs including ADHD, Autism, and emotional/behavioral Disorders. In her free time Lauren has a fashion and lifestyle blog called A Lo Profile which includes articles on travel, fashion, dogs, food, cooking, beauty, health and wellness, music, photography, and psychology.


What is your key to feeling beautiful no matter how busy you are?:

The little things! Regular manis, taking time to go through my full skin routine each night and morning, finding time to get in a sweat session, and balance!

What is your greatest strength?

My work ethic.

Do you have any hidden talents?

Nothing too cool. I consider myself a superhero at organization.

Do you have a go-to nail polish color?

I love neutrals that aren’t too pink. I always prefer my mani/pedi colors to match, too.

Best drink to go with a mani?

Wine, of course!

Manicures and Pedicures- same time or staggered?

Same time, always.

What color nail polish would you wear on vacation to Paris?

Ohh I’m going this summer so I’ll really have to think it through. Probably the perfect chic neutral!

What is your ideal Saturday like?

Sleeping in, working out, brunch, taking my dog to the dog park with my husband, running errands or lounging, and a good dinner out!

Favorite fad workout?

I’m not too into fad workouts. I go to a trainer here in Dallas once a week and use his workout methods bright and early at home otherwise.

Beauty product(s) you cannot live without?

Chapstick and recently, highlighter.

Favorite perfume?

YSL Mon Cherie Paris.

Best way to stay youthful looking?

Sleep and water! And lots of SPF.

Who is your style icon?

It depends on my mood. I love Arielle Charnas of Something Navy, Danielle Bernstein of Who What Wear, Olivia Palermo, Bridget Bardot, and just good ole street style. I get inspired just being out and about!

Your go-to outfit for work is….

Black skinny jeans, heels or booties, and a comfy sweater. I’m lucky that I can dress on the casual side at work because I work in a school.

Mac or PC?


Buy a cake or make one?

Depends on my mood!

Could you ever go vegan?

I have been eating a lot less milk and I don’t really have dairy except for cheese. I LOVE cheese and alllll the delicious things it goes on—pasta, salads, pizza. I try to sub nut cheese when possible, but I just love me some cheese! My husband and I have cut way back on meat and have been trying to sub fish or plant based more often!