Lisa Pepino - Bellacures

Lisa Pepino

Occupation: Master Colorist at Cristophe Salon, Beverly Hills

Lisa Pepino is a proud New Jersey native that migrated to Beverly Hills to establish herself as one of the industry’s go-to hair colorists. Lisa specializes in Balayage for a beachy, sun-kissed blonde look, and creates a depth and richness unmatched by other colorists. Lisa’s clients rely on her expertise to choose the perfect shade to enhance their natural coloring. She has transformed countless A-Listers both in front of and behind the camera including Pamela Anderson, Minnie Driver, Sean Penn and many more.

What is your key to feeling beautiful no matter how busy you are?

Actually, getting my hair colored!

What is your greatest strength?

Listening to people and paying attention.

Do you have a go-to nail polish color?

Essie Jelly Apple

Best drink to go with a mani?


What color nail polish would you wear on vacation to Paris?

Any light grey color

Favorite fad workout?


Beauty product(s) you cannot live without?


Your hair guru is….

Mateo at Cristophe

Favorite perfume?

Sud Pacifique Extreme Vanilla

Favorite hair style?


Drugstore or department store beauty products?

L’Oreal Mascara

Who is your beauty crush?

Cindy Crawford is my beauty crush and style icon

If you could have anyone’s hair, whose would it be?

Jennifer Aniston (I know)

Do you have a nickname?

Yes- Pepino

TV show you can binge watch.

Game of Thrones