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Dazzle Dry: Why We Love It

September 28, 2022

Two rows of nail polish

I think we can all agree that there is nothing better than leaving your favorite nail salon feeling pampered, relaxed, and rocking a stunning manicure! Something most nail lovers consider when at the salon and choosing their polish, is a formula that can give them a long-lasting, chip-free mani. For a long time this meant opting for services such as dip, gel, or acrylics, which can have adverse effects on your overall nail health if not applied or removed properly. Luckily for us Dr. Valenty recognized this problem, and blessed the nail world with her powerful polish system, better known as Dazzle Dry. You may be asking yourself “what is Dazzle Dry?” Well, don’t you worry because we are here to spill all the deets!

Why we love Dazzle Dry:

Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer System

Long Lasting + Chip Free Manis!

Similar to the alternative long-lasting services we mentioned above, Dazzle Dry’s high performance nail care system is guaranteed to give you a chip-free manicure for up to 7 days or more if applied correctly. We’ve also found that its thick high gloss formulation does not yellow your nail over time, and also gives you the look of a gel mani without the complex removal process.

Dazzle Dry Organic Natural Nail Polish

Non-toxic + Cruelty Free 

The wellness industry as of late, has seen a dramatic increase in customers placing value on a company’s principles more than they are the product. One reason we at Bellacures love Dazzle Dry is because it allows us to offer our customers a polish option with less harmful chemicals, along with being cruelty free. Not only is it a safer option for our clients, but the way the product is made and sourced is what really sets them apart for us.

Nails using Dazzle Dry products

UV Free + Fast Drying

A huge perk of using Dazzle Dry is that it gives you the same effects as a gel mani without having to use a UV lamp to cure the polish. It also dries within 5 minutes giving the glossy look you love in no time!

Dazzle Dry Collection

Healthy Nail Beds

At our Bellacures salons we work together with our clients to do our best to help them to maintain the integrity of their nail health. There is barely any dry time which is essential for our busy on the go clientele. Their unique 4-step nail care system allows us to care for our clients keeping their nail beds hydrated and healthy, while still providing a long-lasting nail polish, and has quickly become a client-favorite. Clients love that this polish can be removed at home with regular nail polish remover if they can’t make it back to the salon on time. They also love that deeper, darker colors do not stain the nail bed like other polish brands do. If you have not tried Dazzle Dry before, and are ready to see what the hype is about, book an appointment at any of our salon locations. 

Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer 3

You’ll find that we refer to it as our Power Polish service on the menu, and that is because the product’s outcome is a total power move each and every time! If you are not sure what colors you should try first, here are some of our Bellacures favorites: Dazzle Dry Mind Your Mani, Dazzle Dry Fine China, Dazzle Dry Strawberry Macaron, Dazzle Dry Prima Ballerina, Dazzle Dry Lit, and Dazzle Dry Forbidden Passion

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