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Gel Manicure: What it is + what are the benefits?

October 19, 2022

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What are gel manicures? What are the benefits of getting a gel manicure? 

Amongst our various polish applications, gel manicures are an absolute favorite of our clientele at Bellacures. Gel Manicures are long-lasting polish applications that cures each coat under a UV light to make the polish more durable. The UV light immediately adheres the gel to your nail bed by hardening and allowing 30-second to one minute dry time.There are two types of gels popular in the market today – soft-gel or hard-gel. Soft gels have a thinner make up, and can be soaked off with acetone. Hard-gels are just that – much harder and thicker. While they last much longer than a soft-gel application, they do require professional removal. Gel Mani’s are the perfect mani choice for people looking for a long-lasting, quick drying manicure. It is also the ideal polish to use if you are into nail art!

How long does a gel manicure last, and what steps can you take to ensure it lasts/looks fresh? 

A soft-gel manicure, on average, lasts around 10-14 days, and a hard-gel can last up to a month with the proper care and maintenance. To prevent premature chipping or lifting, here are a few tips we recommend to ensure a long-lasting flawless gel mani! 

  1. Cuticle oil can and will always be your best friend! Not only will it help to keep your nails hydrated, but it makes your mani look shiny and beautiful day in and day out!
  2. Staying away from harsh conditions or abrasive chemicals is a sure-fire way to keep your manicure in tip-top shape. If you have to tend to your garden or wash the dishes, be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands and your polish. 
  3. Using quality products and booking with skilled technicians, to help ensure a long-lasting nail look. This is mainly attributed to the product ingredients and the application process used by your manicurist!

It’s a common misconception that gel causes damage. How can you prevent damage/what actually causes damage from gel? 

While there are a ton of pros that come with gel manicures, there are some cons you should be aware of. The main way in which soft-gels can cause damage to your nails in the removal process. The most common form of a gel manicure is a soft gel manicure. This is a thinner type of gel which allows for soak-off removal using acetone. This is the Bellacures preferred way of removal. Allowing the polish to be soaked off and gently filed off manually is the best way to remove the polish safely, without any damage to your nail. If the gel starts to lift, peeling the polish off is one of the worst options, as you can take a layer of your nail away with it! 

Using an e-file is a faster way to remove gels, but without the help of a very skilled nail technician, you could end up filing away too much for the nail bed. 

While hard gel products, such as BioGel, cover the nail bed for a longer period of time, and allow the nail to grow out longer, they must be removed by a professional nail technician using an e-file. Since this product cannot be soaked off, attempting to remove it in any way on your own could result in some serious damage! 

If you feel you and your nail beds need a gel break, you can always opt for various other services such as regular polish, or a natural, longer-lasting polish like Dazzle Dry, or sometimes just using a buff to shine out your natural nail can do wonders!

What are the key differences between gel and shellac manicures? Why/when should you choose one over the other? 

There really is no difference between a soft-gel and shellac manicures. Shellac is a patented formula created by Creative Nail Design. These polishes are more similar than they are different because they are cured under a UV lamp, offer a 14-day polish guarantee, and are soaked off with acetone. Gel is the reference to the same product sold under a variety of name brands, such as OPI.  Choosing one application process over the other would depend entirely on you and your preference! They are both wonderful options if you’re looking for a glossy, long-lasting manicure!

 Want to try a gel manicure yourself? Book an appointment with us here at Bellacures and try out our Gelicure manicure or pedicure services!