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Nail Trends: What to Expect in 2022

January 11, 2022

2021 saw amazing innovations in nail design. Between daring Cardi B-style ballerina nails to understated and minimalist “barely there” looks, we saw a lot of variety in styles, designs, colors and textures. That said, we think 2022 is going to be even more exciting. Read on for our forecast of this year’s hottest nail trends.

Unexpected French + Different Colored French Tips

A delicate, classic look, especially with neutral colors, a French Tip mani is perfect for any situation – whether at work, out on a date or traveling the world. This year, we’re expecting the look to evolve by bringing in more color, either in mild pastels or gradations. If a French Tip goes garish, it’s not quite a French Tip anymore, so there’s a fine line to walk here (and it’s right along the tip of your nails).

French tip with different colors
Photo credit: @heluviee via Instagram

Strips of Sparkles

Similarly, this look will shine in 2022 with its minimal but bold aesthetic. There’s a lot of fun to be had in this conceptual contradiction. Sparkles are a sign of good vibes and a touch of glamour.

Strips of sparkles on nails
Photo credit: @thehangededit via Instagram

Matte Nudes

Matte nudes have arrived! These skin tone polishes are easy to maintain and give the illusion of a seamless nail to finger break. A celebrity favorite, this textured polish goes great with big fluffy cashmere sweaters and crisp days well into spring.

Matte nude nails
Photo credit: @tombachik via Instagram

Shades of Blue

Cast those cold weather blues aside and embrace blue polish. The color blue evokes feelings of open spaces, freedom and inspiration. Multicolored nails – especially in a shifting ombre effect – will be popular in 2022.

Shades of blue on nails
Photo credit: @ingridaiana_ via Instagram

Chrome and Holographic

Are we in the future yet? Chrome and holographic nails are two sides of the same coin – bright and visionary, whether with silver reflections or a Lisa Frank phantasmagoria of color. 

Chrome nails
Photo credit:


Mismatched Nail Art

Nail art isn’t going anywhere, but the designs will continue to evolve in 2022. Expect a combination of intricate art with abstract shapes for an unexpectedly cohesive look.

Mismatched nail art
Photo credit: @samrosenails via Instagram

Winter and Spring Florals

The 90’s are back and they’re bringing retro florals with them. Expect neutral petals in the winter and brighter, cheerful pastels we head into the warmer months.

Winter and spring floral nails
Photo credit: @nailsbyheathere via Instagram

No matter which look you want to try first, our nail technicians are here to help. Feel free to bring nail inspo to your appointment or ask our team of experts to design the mani of your dreams. Book your next appointment here!