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2021’s Top 10 Nail Trends

December 22, 2021

2021 was an incredible year for nail styles. Maybe it’s because we all ventured back into the world and wanted to show our new selves off. Or, maybe it’s the inventive and incredible combinations of retro and cutting-edge looks nail artists are coming up with. Either way, there’s such a variety of styles these days, you might need some help narrowing down your next look. We polled our Instagram community for their top 10 nail styles this year, starting with…



This bold, fearless style has been around for years but made a real comeback recently. Popularized by celebs like Kylie Jenner and Cardi B, coffin/ballerina nails are powerful, fearless and bold. That said, they can be a little hard to pull off since they are so attention-grabbing and require long, sturdy nails. For these reasons, we expect them to taper off in popularity going into 2022.

Ballerina Nails
Photo credit: @arika via Instagram


Also called Skittles nails, we have a feeling this look took off in 2020 because we were all stuck at home painting our nails with all the colors we had in the cabinet. It’s a great DIY or beginner’s foray into nail art, and when done by a professional, they have an especially cheerful, lighthearted vibe.

Multicolored Nails
Photo credit: @nailartbysig via Instagram


Like childhood mood rings, only you get to choose the color! Painting shimmery polish over a bold color creates the appearance of magical velvet. Velvet nails are great for when you want to feel like a mermaid or harness your feminine energy. Expect to see this trend stick around until at least spring.

Velvet nails
Photo credit: @amyytran via Instagram


Originating in Parisian styles from the early 1900’s, the French tip is timeless because it blends a natural look with a touch of chic. Today’s Double French Tip uses a second curved line of polish to modernize the style, while still holding on to that classic subtlety. Expect this one to stick around, with variations in color.

Double french tips
Photo credit: @aliciatnails via Instagram


We weren’t surprised to see retro patterns make their way onto our nails. Retro colors make us think of classically cool music albums from decades past, only with the modern, elegant sharp lines of today. This look is fun and simple to execute, while dazzling the eye.

Geometric shapes mani
Photo credit: @heymichellelee via Instagram


Manis with gilded tips offer a classically regal look with a futuristic sheen. By accenting the tip of your nails with a metallic tone, it elevates and elongates your hands. This look is especially well-matched with extra bling on your fingers and wrists.

Metallic tips mani
Photo credit: @eriernailz via Instagram


This eye-catching look uses a narrow circle of color around the nail to catch the eye. We expect to see many more thin tips and borders in 2022. Expect variations with color, creating a contrasting effect.

Thin borders mani
Photo credit: @betina_goldstein via Instagram


Using the most basic colors – black and white – on your nails creates a unique effect. Sleek, elevated and eye-catching, this modern pairing will make your nails feel like a work of art. You can combine these colors with other styles, or go with varied swirls for an eclectic, otherworldly effect.

Black and white swirls mani
Photo credit: @lashliftinghmo via Instagram


The possibilities are endless with negative space manis… we don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon. This look lets your natural beauty sing, but harnesses a pop or two of color to make your mani unique.

Negative space mani
Photo credit: @essie via Instagram


The little black dress of the mani world, this look always works. With just a hint of polish, it speaks of subtle mysteries, and it’s definitely here to stay. That said, when getting a barely there manicure, it’s important to maintain the polish on your tips. Check out our blog on how to extend the life of your mani.

Barely there mani
Photo credit: @betina_goldstein via Instagram


Whether you want your mani subtle and mysterious or bold and fearless, at Bellacures we’re here to make sure it looks perfect! We can’t wait to see you soon.